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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 10:41 pm
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The Longest Day.  That was a special field trip with my high school.  I think on a Saturday , we went down to Carthy Circle in Hollywood to see this important movie.  The theater was a classic art deco theater with plush seats and beautiful decorations.  The movie was amazing to all of us.  Germans spoke German , French spoke French etc.  I remember how amazed we were that eveyone was speaking their own languages and there were subtitles for them.  It also was in black and white.  That seemed to make it even more realisitic.   I have recently read that there were actually no women in the moviel did I read that here?  But that made it realistic too as women would not have been in combat then.  Somewhere around here I think I even have the big fancy program we got at the theater.  Remember when you saw a movie in a big movie house with intermission they had special edition programs?  I still have West Side Story program too. 

We went to Hollywood many times over the years with Scouts, Church, and different clubs in school to see big name movies.  Cinnerama This is Cinnerama, How the West was Won , 10 Commandments, West Side Story , and the Longest Day to name a few. 

I had forgotten John Wayne was in that movie also.  Hmmm.


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