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 Posted: Fri Nov 7th, 2008 05:37 am
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Thanks David.  I haven't seen the movie since I saw it when I was school.  I knew the women's parts weren't that big at least.   That line is a good line. 

My high school drama teacher always said John Wayne didn't act , he reacted. 

My father was in John Wayne's first movie The Big Trail back in 1928.  He was 19 years old and working on a dam in the area of Jackson Hole.  The movie company hired anyone who could ride a horse to work on the film.  Daddy was an Indian, a bullwacker and helped lower the wagons down the mountain in one scene.  He could not find himself anywhere in the movie when he watched it a few years before he passed away. 

John Wayne was a legend in our house growing up.  We never missed a movie.  It was a family outing to the drive in when I was a kid.   I think I saw every war movie he made and every western.


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