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 Posted: Wed Nov 12th, 2008 01:45 am
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pamc153PA wrote: I've been in the mood lately for a good memoir/journal/diary, either Civil War or not. I mean a good one, because I don't often read them. They don't even have to be about/by someone well-known, just interesting or intriguing would be fine.  Any suggestions?


May I suggest one of my favorite Civil War jounals Co. Aytch First Tennessee Regiment by Sam R. Watkins? He is so appealing. He was a private but quite literate so his writing is a joy to read. he was with the Army of Tennessee throughout the entire war and fought in its worst battles. It is amazing that he survived and that his writings survive. It is also instructive to read about the war from the "bottom", so to speak, rather than from the "top" by reading about generals and campaigns.

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