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 Posted: Sat Aug 12th, 2006 03:54 am
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I didn't say Ft. Donelson was unimportant, I was saying it was no Gettysburg.  I still cannot understand how the entire Civil War was lost at Donelson, so I guess I will have to hit the books.  Attrition IS a tactic, but I was pointing out how costly a tactic it is.  Lee, at Seven Days, did suffer many casulties, but the casulties Lee suffered were not as large, and it Lee didn't exactly hurl men over and over and try to break enemy lines in the way Grant or Burnside did.  The Confederate casulties suffered were high, but the Union casulties were also high.  This is not the case at Cold Harbor, or the Wilderness.  Granted, in first year of Lee's command, he did waste effort on frontal assaults, but I think he learned his lesson at Gettysburg.  But then, he taught Grant that lesson at Cold Harbor.  I don't know that Lee could not adapt...I think he just did not have the man power to fight Grant's kind of war.  But that doesn't make Lee any less of a commander.


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