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 Posted: Fri Nov 14th, 2008 10:56 pm
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I just finished listening to a pair of books:  Dick Francis Under Orders, a pretty interesting murder mystery.  Theses are the kind of books the better half likes and i often grab one to listen to while driving.  I have to admit I really enjoyed it, even learned something about the horse racing industry.


THe other book was The Boys' Crusade by Paul Fussell.  I couldn't stand it and I don't know whether to blame the narrator or the book.  But to make things frustrating I can't quite pin down any one thing that made me so cold to the book.  What may be to blame is that I just finished listening to a batch of Stephen Ambrose works which IMO the worst of was ten times the boook of this one.  Oh well, I'm off to see what audio goodies the better half brought home from the library today.

An Audio copy of Caesar's Commentaries is supposed to be in there.

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