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 Posted: Wed Nov 26th, 2008 02:05 am
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I was at Remembrance Day this year! Marched in the parade near the front. The last I heard, the gentleman who suffered a heart attack near the end of the parade was stable. I haven't heard anything since Saturday.
I went to the new VC. It's okay. I probably will not pay to go again. I can see where it would be SUPER crowded during peak visiting hours. The movie was acceptable. The Cyclorama, which I truly wanted to see, was disappointing in that, one only gets to see it for the length of the audio program. After that, they really hustle you out!
I liked the old way better. You go up, listen to the audio program then, the park ranger gives a few of the interesting points. After that, you get to walk around and see the entire painting.
Now you're in then out...lickety split! And shame on you if you're not 6'6" or taller! You're not allowed to move around (others' view will be blocked) and you can't see most of the painting except where you are standing!
I spent most of my $$$ on Steinwehr Ave. More than likely, I'll spend all my time on the battlefield and in town. The new VC will not see much, if anymore, of my money.
That said, my family and I still had an EXCELLENT time!

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