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 Posted: Mon Dec 8th, 2008 04:05 pm
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The Confederate strategy is to defend everything, everywhere but with few resources that precludes a defense in depth. This strategy does not waver through the war. Nashville is very easily attacked from any side (similar to Atlanta and unlike Richmond in the east) so defending it requires many more resources. To directlry attack Nashville renders it useless to the defenders except as a symbolic token of resistance.

At the time of Donelson everyone is still an amateur. Remember that a small civil war *division* is larger than any previous US *army* other than Scott's in the Mexican war.

Won oneders if anyone other than Grant would go directly after Henry and Donelson and in winter to boot. One of his traits is not committing strategy to paper except in the form of orders to subordinates. Hence he maintains both security and flexibilty.

I think that anyone else would have go after territory; Grant wants to capture the armies, not land.


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