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 Posted: Mon Dec 22nd, 2008 01:12 am
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Some of you know that one area of great interest to me is the 153PA at Gettysburg on Day 1. Following this passion, I've recently been reading about General Howard's role in what happened to the 11th Corps that day. I have to say, I've come away with pretty negative feelings about the man's command.

I find it hard to justify that Howard received the Thanks of Congress citation for choosing Cemetery Hill  to anchor the  Union position--and Reynold, Buford and Hancock did not. Especially considering the breakdown of the Corps and Divisional command that day--which Howard was undeniably partly responsible for--I can only believe Howard "knew" someone (political?) to bestow the Congressional citation on him.

I also have a question about if Howard was even in command position officially, or temporarily, on July 1, and finalized later. This may have had something to do with his attitude toward the 11th Corps.

Also, how much did Devin's cavalry being driven off by Wiedrich's battery (friendly fire) figure into the results that day? I know that Devin's withdrawal meant the flank was uncovered. Is this by itself important, or is it a "perfect storm," combined with the other missteps by command on July 1?



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