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 Posted: Wed Jan 7th, 2009 07:15 pm
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very well said Miss Susan. as you said, i think i do have a one dimensional view of the two men. i was raised as you said, Lee good, Sherman bad. ive never read Shermans memoirs but i think if i did i MIGHT look at him differently. not a fan of Sherman but id be willing to give it a read

Very well received, Miss Dixie Girl. There are four sides to every story. You have to find the one that makes sense.

Home schooled? Hmmmmm. Give your mom my sincerest regards. When mine were your age, I would have cheerfully killed them. She deserves sainthood.

Even better than his memoires is "Sherman's Civil War." It's a BIG book with much of what he said and wrote while he was developing as a prime commander. In those letters, you get to watch him as he grows into his job.

A recommended read.


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