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 Posted: Thu Jan 8th, 2009 01:11 am
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ole wrote: very well said Miss Susan. as you said, i think i do have a one dimensional view of the two men. i was raised as you said, Lee good, Sherman bad. ive never read Shermans memoirs but i think if i did i MIGHT look at him differently. not a fan of Sherman but id be willing to give it a read

Very well received, Miss Dixie Girl. There are four sides to every story. You have to find the one that makes sense.

Home schooled? Hmmmmm. Give your mom my sincerest regards. When mine were your age, I would have cheerfully killed them. She deserves sainthood.

Even better than his memoires is "Sherman's Civil War." It's a BIG book with much of what he said and wrote while he was developing as a prime commander. In those letters, you get to watch him as he grows into his job.

A recommended read.


thank you very much Ole. i said one of my New Years resolutions was to argue less and learn more, and i figured the best place to start was with Miss Susan, as i seem to be able to try to argue with her over anything, but i realized that she is older than me and knows a lot more than i give her credit for and its high time i just shut up and listened to what she has to say.

yes home schooled, it was her idea not mine. she also home schools my brother and cousin. i must say im not the problem child in school though. my cousin who is my age and my 10 year old brother act like two year olds and complain when it comes time to do their work, whereas i go ahead and do it and am several days ahead in my book and they never catch up.

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