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 Posted: Sun Jan 11th, 2009 06:37 am
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Dear Doc C,

Welcome to the CT family!! I think you'll be very surprised to learn, if I'm remembering this correctly, that the Spencer family of CT's original ancestor was Rev. Herbert (?) Spencer, an associate of Rev. Thomas Hooker who founded Hartford ca. 1636 (and established the concept of popular sovereignty codified in the Fundamental Orders of CT, 1649, the first written constitution). Ole Herb is of the English Spencer family, as in Winston Spencer Churchill and Lady Di.

People write about the FFVs of VA. Well how about the FFNs, that is, the leading Northern families who had English aristocratic/gentry roots/backgrounds: Lincoln, Spencers, Churchills (I'm one, recent DNA tests confirm), Footes, Salters, Chauncey, Chamberlain, Worden, Campbell, Saltonstall, Rex.

You might want to go to the webpage of Hartford Founders' Descendants. Also see the Avalon Project at Yale that posts all the Colonial charters.

Kay Larson

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