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 Posted: Wed Jan 21st, 2009 12:51 pm
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I agree with Wrap10 that I believe Lee's quote about Mac, and dismiss outright the quote about Grant. Of course, this is simply my opinion, but the qhote about Mac is much more in line with what I know of Lee and his character than the quote about Grant:

While Lee did indeed come to the defense of Grant when many others in the Southern command dismissed him as only a butcher, Lee also is attributed with another quote-when asked who he thought the greatest general of the war was, he responded that it was a man whom he had not met, his name is Forrest. Even if this quote is fictitional-which indeed it can be argued as so, other evidence, including the meeting of the two postwar, would indicate that Lee would never say anthing of the sort about his old adversary-not to mention the absurdity of the statement itself. Grant, while a fine General, is by no means the greatest general in history-I don't believe even his fiercest proponent would argue such, and Lee certainly was not that. So Lee dismisses his idols-Washington in character and accomplishment, Napoleon in the military art, along with Hannibal, Ceasar, Alexander, Wellington, etc-in favor of Grant? I don't buy it.    

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