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 Posted: Sat Jan 31st, 2009 05:20 pm
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I have read the Princes in the Tower which is the title I am pretty sure of Weir's book.  I also have most of her others on the Tutors and Plantagents .  I don't know the one Browner mentioned.  Have to look into it although the pile here is high. 

I use to read historical mysteries.  Peter Doherty (sp?)  has dozens and dozens of historical mysteries written under different names even.  Read all of his that I could find on English history.  Loved Brother Cadfeal (sp?)  Also there is a series of mysteries about a nun whose is related to Chaucer Dame Feverse  Nun's Tale is the first .  Each is someone and Tale.  Loved those. 

Penman also wrote a series not mystery on the Plantagents.  Then wrote a couple of mysteries using Eleanor as a character.  Those were also good. 

Don't get to read much historical fiction any more  the Civil War keeps me busy . My pile growns instead of shrinks.


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