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 Posted: Sat Jan 31st, 2009 05:41 pm
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Hey kj, yes i like the site, think you will enjoy it. love their humor too.  they also happened to have mentioned on the latest topic Lady Jane Grey and thats what the book I am reading (Innocent Traitor) is about. 

The Tremayne books you mentioned are also ones I received from Toms family (so grateful they keep me supplied!)and I am with you on Sunne in Splendor. 

We are headed to La. for a week, so I have a stack of books already to go with me, so I can hang out and read while Tom does some preservation work at Cane River.

maybe by the time I get back I will have got at least a couple read.  We are enjoying the book from the chat room too, "Class of 1846".

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