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 Posted: Tue Feb 10th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Allright this is what I know so far.    Apparently from my research so far, this helmet is an early ww1 era british helmet.  

The war office started development of two prototypes:   the first model Type A and the second model, Type B.

I believe I have a Type B helmet based on the rim mesurements. A Type A helmet had a rim that mesured 50mm at the sides and 40 mm at the front.

Where as my helmet has a rim mesuring 25 mm at the front and back and 35 mm at the sides. Consistent with the Type B helmet design.

I guess the question im asking is if anyone has any information about the insignia painted on the front( if im correct that its the  36th "Texas" Division).

Also any other information on the helmet, I was told it was very rare to have "this type of helmet" with an American insignia painted on it.   Because of the fact that it was an early prototype used mainly by British Forces in france and that there was only a limited amount of American soldiers in France at that period of the war.  Im not very sure if im correct on this or not.

Here is a pictures of the helmet

And also here is the link to the page were I cited all the information I have on the helmet  so far.

If any one has any questions about the helmet or want any other pictures of it just let me know.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply to my post

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