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 Posted: Thu Feb 19th, 2009 02:43 pm
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There are several topics that could be great movies. One, a movie based on the non-fiction book "Stealing the General" which is the "un-Disney/un-Fess Parker" version of the "Great Train Robbery".

Another good one would be a movie based on the search for and death of John Wilkes Booth.

Another would be the battle of the Merrimac and Monitor.

Another would be a fictionalized account of some Southern swashbuckling embargo runner sea captain and the Yankee captain who vows to catch him. I hope this would be more adventure suspense than comedy of errors.

Yet another would be a fiction-based-on fact story of the explosion and sinking of the SS Sultana.

For a battle movie, Chickamauga would be fascinating as would Kennesaw Mountain.

I'd love to see a drama based on Jefferson and Varina Davis's flight and eventual capture as the Confederacy collpases around them. For drama the burning of Richmond should be included. This could be sympathetic portrayal, especially of Varina.

The daring escapade of the slave Robert Smalls who with some buddies commandeered a Confederate ship and sailed it to Federate hands. Smalls eventually became a captain in the US Navy. What a great movie his life would be!

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