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 Posted: Sat Feb 21st, 2009 08:20 am
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I have always loved "the General" topic, including the Disnery version.

As a Worden cousin, I will always vote for Monitor and Merrimac. The background story is extremely good, how Welles, Ericsson, the businessmen, and Lincoln, etc. all got the game afoot. Worden's role at Ft. Pickens and imprisonment has been overlooked. Had he not been imprisoned, he probably would not have gotten that command.

But overall, it's difficult to do successful war movies as the outcomes are generally known, hence begging the question: where is the suspense? But if there is a good subplot, as in "Saving Private Ryan" or substories in a larger context, or an interesting, intriguing backdrop to the main battle, it'll work as in "Gettysburg" and "Glory."

But we women have been waiting for 20 years for a movie on a CW woman soldier. Producer friends are now trying to raise funds for an Anna Ella Carroll documentary, as her story has all the elements, with a lot of Lincoln lore. Or someone could do a composite character as I did with my fictional "Nell" scout. Since about 300 women soliders have been documented, there'd be a lot of material to work with.


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