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 Posted: Wed Feb 25th, 2009 07:56 pm
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ole wrote: Guess what's slow cooking?

Resisted the temptation to trick up the recipe a bit (garlic, chili powder, extra onion ...) We'll try it first in the suggested version.

I cook like Marie -- that tastes about right -- although without the same skill. I grew up in an area where what she is cooking is called a hot dish, or a covered dish, or a dish to pass -- all well understood among Lutheran Church Basement Women.

A long-past favorite involved macaroni, hamburger, red beans, and tomato sauce (or ketchup, or both -- "to taste" is the key). Some crumbled potato chips or soda crackers sprinkled on the top during baking adds a nice, brown crunch. In that crowd, al dente, is eyetalian for "not done yet."

One campground we frequented would, toward the end of the season, host what was named the "chili dump." Each diner would bring his/her version of chili. All were dumped into a large pot and stirred. Amazingly, the end result was inevitably very good. (The iced beer didn't hurt.) We usually also furnished bowls of shredded cheddar, minced jalapenos and chopped onions or scallions.

Nice forum, Javal. Appreciate it.

Years ago, I was scoutmaster to my sons' BSA troop and every year the council sponsored a Klondike Derby... your chili Dump reminded me of this... the price of admission from each scout was a can of soup. Brand or type was of no consequence as the council provided enough condensed tomato to cover any percieved shortage and to make a "stock".. all was dumped into a huge 3 legged cast iron kettle over an open fire and "cooked on" all day... when coming in from outsied and the activities the kids were involved in, that was ambrosia.. best soup I ever ateEd

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