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 Posted: Wed Feb 25th, 2009 11:31 pm
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The first year I retired I put in flower gardens in my flower beds around my house.  I had plants in pots everywhere .  It was a beautiful spring that year.  I had Sunflowers that were huge.  I then started photographing my sunflowers. 

The next year or two I didn't do as much, back went out and then the knees.  I went on a two month trip and the plants didn't survive even with the watering a friend did etc. 

Finally my neighbors had a leak , there sprinker system flooded my flower bed and that ended everything.  The soil needs to be reworked and all new plants put in.  The only flower bed still thriving is the one with the Lavender in it.  It is beautiful especial with all my pink flamingos peeking out and around the lavender.  This is in the back yard by the patio so none of my neighbors can see it .  Pink flamingos just make me smile. 

Was thinking this spring I might start working on my plants again.


Pam get some seems for Love Lies Bleeding .  I got some from the Montecello seed catalog .  Yep you can buy plants and seeds on line of plants grown at Montecello by Jefferson.  I bought these seeds and planted them . They reseeded themselves for several years.  One of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen.  I ended up buying seeds for several friends who loved the plant. 

I also get a catalog from Motecello that is about gardening and plants.  I  got on their mailing list when I visited. 

Love the idea of historical seeds.  I bought some in Plymonth too one year. 


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