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 Posted: Wed Mar 4th, 2009 01:08 am
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At Fort MacArthur in  San Pedro California they do a marching though history event in July each year.  There are people at this even from all wars you could think of.  We are there with the Drum Barracks, of course, next to us was Cabrillo and his soldiers (they explored California ).  On the other side California Dragoons from Fort Tejon.  I had two Drummers playing in front of our booth . One was Renaissance Faire and one was Civil War drummers.   Across from us one year was a Vietnam Hootch, another year a 14th century Polish company,  This last year was pirates. 

We have seen Roman Legions marching down the street stopped by Western "Wyatt Earp and brothers " type group.  They were nose to nose til a Sheriff type stopped them. 

Mountain men, French and Indian War, Spanish Civil War on and on are all there. 

They do demonstrations and all kinds of activities then just for the fun of it they put all the soldiers on the field at once.  One year they gave the gatling gun to the Romans. 

Can't wait to see what happens this year.

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