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 Posted: Thu Mar 5th, 2009 02:36 am
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Stromboli is probably a locally invented name for a burrito, but I had one for lunch on Monday and it is well worth trying.

It amounts to a wrap or a burrito, with the wrapping being thin pizza dough, a big one. Inside was Italian beef, some crumbs of Italian sausage, lotsa mozzarella, a sprinking of reconstituted sun-dried tomatoes, served with a marinara dipping sauce.

Almost a panini, and I have no idea how they grilled the puppy, but imagine the possibilities of such a technique! Less beef, more sausage; minced sport peppers; and turn that into TexMex.

Talk about home-made hot pockets. One of these will feed two.

Not worth opening another thread is the skillet dinner. About 15 minutes. Hash browns, sausage or bacon bits or both, minced onion and egg(s). Maybe topped with cheeze. Throw in whatever sounds good to you.

Here, I'm assuming that you don't carmelize the onion, and that you do fry up the sausage and bacon in a separate skillet. Fast and easy. Some salt, pepper (red or black -- your choice) and you have something filling that can be made on the spot -- in minutes.


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