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 Posted: Sat Mar 7th, 2009 11:49 pm
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I haven't had sausage bread. Is it just sausage, or with sauce? And is it sweet or hot sausage? Any of it sounds good!

Started this last night but realized i didn't know diddy ridick about how to finish it.

Sausage. Two pounds. Your choice -- whatever turns you on: breakfast or Italian; hot or ordinary or mixed. Brown it.

Bread. Two loaves frozen or enough for two homemade. If frozen, thaw inside plastic in the fridge. (Don't want it to rise yet.)

Roll out each loaf to about 8 x 12" on a lightly floured board.

Heap on about 1.5 cups of schredded mozzarella cheese in the center with sauteed onion and sausage. Fold over and pinch together seams.

Turn it on the length seam, cover with damp towels, and let rise for a while. (Until it looks right.)

Egg wash, if desired, but bake at 350 to 375 until nicely browned.

You can skip the cheese, or bunk in some Parmesan. Skip the onion or bunk in garlic. Whatever floats your boat. The basic is the bread and the sausage. Anything else is optional.

It would seem that there is no one way to make it. One recipe calls for Bob Evans (one hot, one mild); another would rather you use Jimmy Dean. Dear One prefers Italian sausage. (It figures.)

Would you believe that both my children and I married Italians? (We're talking recent Italians -- not that 1860 bunch.) With Dear One, they are Barca, Toumei, and Bellafiore. Gawd I hate pasta.


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