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 Posted: Fri Mar 20th, 2009 10:21 pm
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I think few have ever thought this may be one of the reasons of how Lee got himself into a fix at Gettysburg. I will lead in with remarks form Gen. Longstreet to Gen. Hood: "The General(Lee) is a little nervous this yearning he wishes me to attack; I do not wish to do so without Pickett, I never like to go into battle with one boot off."

"Haste" is what Longstreet is referring to in this comment and he implies similar thoughts at other times during the Gettysburg battle. Lee was hasty to continue a battle he had not plan for causing him to plan on the fly.  He was hasty in bring a battle without thoroughly investigating the area and learn the complete situation he was facing. He was hasty to go into battle without completely consolidating his army for battle in an unknown area.

Why such haste? Lee's blood lust was the cause for this hast. Longstreet has mention this aspect of Lee's blood lust once a battle was on. At 2nd Bull Run Lee want Longstreet to attack way sooner then Longstreet was ready to do but Lee deferred the decision to Longstreet. By Lee waiting for Longstreet to 2nd Bull Run was a huge route for Lee.

Why could not Lee wait just a day before engaging the Union force before him. He would have lost nothing and gained Pickett and Stuart and have all of his pieces of his army for the battle. He would have had time to recon the union position and form a better battle, instead on planning on the go.

Think if Pickett Div. had been next to Hood's Div., "Little Round Top" would have fallen easily to Pickett's 8000plus men. He would have been at Meade's back door. Battle Over!!

"Haste" was the big enemy of Lee's at Gettysburg. He was to impatient with Blood lust for battle causing him to be hasty in his decision making and reasoning, just look at Pickett Charge. 

Longstreet knew this but was powerless to stop the General(Lee) form self destructing... 

"Haste" make waste and the Gen. Lee wasted his Army of Northern Virginia in those few days in July of 1863....


Some thoughts to ponder....

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