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 Posted: Mon Mar 23rd, 2009 11:17 pm
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5fish wrote: Old Blu wrote: What books did you use to draw your conclusions?  The ones I have read don't agree with your views.

I did not use one book but looked at what Longstreet was saying about Lee when his AoNV was engaged in combat. Longstreet uses the word "blood lust" but that not a good description and it seems negitive in tone. He was basically saying Lee got an Adrenalin rush out of combat when the army was engaged with its opponent.

I see historians seem to blow off Longstreet remarks about Lee and his "Blood Lust". I believe they think he is trying to tranish lee's image but in fact trying to tell us Lee was an Adrenalin Junkie....but back in Longstreet's day adrenalin was not known about so he is used the term "blood lust".

Think about it..It is not usual for a person to feel an adrenalin rush when in combat but like anything else some get more off the rush then others do. It is known today that most thrill seekers are adrenalin junkies and I bet Lee got a bigger buzz form adrenalin then the average person did. I would even bet it would cloud his thinking at times...Look at 2nd Bull Run and his interchanges between Lee and Longstreet..You have one wanted to go now while the other his reasoning and holding back the other desire to fight..

I can not prove it unless I go through everything on or about general Lee to find hints of him having these adrenalin rushes at other times in his life. I am not a historian but a won't be one at best and have no access to the information one would need to say he was a Adrenalin junkie or not...

I argue we should take Longstreet at his look at everything to see if there are any dots that can be connected to find a conclusion about what Longstreet call "Lee's Blood lust", instead of ignoring it...

I bring this up because everyone wants to know 'Why Lee did what he did at Gettysburg?" because he challenge knows military doctrine Like:

1. Fighting a battle in a place not of his choosing...Lee openly notes he wanted to pick the place and when to engage the AoP on his campaign..

2. Attack an opponent who position was superior to his ..the union had the high ground.

3. Engage a larger opponent before he consolidated his smaller army...

Over the last 145 years all kind of reasons for Lee's behavior at Gettysburg's, I am adding another item to the known list...

Longstreet's behavior is questioned and criticized at Gettysburg. Think if you are Longstreet and Lee is acting out of character and you have seen it before. You referred to it as "Blood lust" of correctly Adrenalin rush what would you do.

Would you not procrastinate hoping Lee would come to his senses?

Would you try at first to reason with him at first even questioning him?

Would not your behavior be consider insubordinate by other looking on?

In the end you carry out these wrongful orders because its your duty but you would not be happy even reluctant...

Maybe Longstreet was in a no win situation at Gettysburg trying to reason with a man on a Buzz...

All I am asking is of everyone to rethink what may have been....

Some thoughts...

Well then, thanks for your opinion.







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