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 Posted: Sat Mar 28th, 2009 05:08 pm
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Doc C wrote: I agree that the Reverend King was an exceptional individual who shaped afro-american history by his non violent preaching and protests. However, I do believe that his contributions were only secondary to those of Frederick Douglas. Imagine, how could a black individual, a former slave, gain entry to the White House, other than as a servant, and visit with the president in the 1860's. Who had influence enough to engage Lincoln to initiate earth shattering policies at the time - emancipation proclamation, blacks in the military.

Doc C

Doc C,

Could one say Mr. Douglas started the processes but it was Mr. King's that led the final efforts to bring equality too all..... Mr Douglas cracked the walls of injustice but it was Mr. King who smashed through the final walls of injustice bring forth a knew meaning to those few word...."All men are created equal"

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