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 Posted: Sat Mar 28th, 2009 08:33 pm
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The Battle of Hasting in Oct. 1066 ranks up there with Gettysburg and Waterloo as one of those battles that catches our imagination and is study by every generation that follows. The Battle of Hasting marks the conquest of the English by the Norman's.

I ask what do think the reason the Norman's were able to defeat the English on that Oct. day in 1066.

Was it the death of the English King Harold during the battle?

Was the the use of the theological innovation of the Stirrups used by the Norman cavalry?

Was it the Norman's tactic faint retreats to pull the English troops form behind their wall?

Was it some other tactic or innovation by the Norman's that gave them victory that Fall day in 1066?

Some musing of a long ago battle that changed the world forever...




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