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 Posted: Sat Apr 4th, 2009 02:25 am
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As a college history major and Civil War buff, I am beginning to realize that fans of the Civil War need to do as much work in un-learning aspects of the great conflict as they did in learning them in the first place. I am only now becoming aware of how my interpretation of the Civil War is influenced by romanticized and distorted notions that have been kept alive throught popular culture, which in turn manages to influence scholarship on the subject. Although there is a plethora of Civil War scholarship out there, I'm willing to bet that 60 to 70% of it fails to paint an accurate portrayal of the war.

Not only do Civil War fans or historians have to work to un-learn aspects of the Civil War, they then have to spend the necassary time and devotion in order to develop a personal interpretation that does justice to a particular event or figure of that time period. The character that first got me interested in the Civil War was Stonewall Jackson. I think it only makes sense to begin my journey in de-bunking my previous notions of the war and then creating new interpretations with the man who got me into the subject. Therefore, I am interested in hearing different and personal interpretations of Stonewall Jackson. I am looking forward to everyone's responses.

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