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 Posted: Sat Apr 4th, 2009 06:26 pm
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Sorry BloodyBob

I left this next paragraph on a post to another thread, however, your post is the other I refer to here.

"This is the second thread in as many days that present to this board how the majority of historians have gotten it all wrong for a hundred plus years. I bow down to you and others that have been able to interpret the final presentation of what history should be for the rest of us."

You seem like a nice guy and well intentioned, but I do believe that the above statement is the rub here. If you think that history becomes more accurate with age, than I challenge you to pick up any modern day classroom history book and discuss the accuracy of what is between the pages. History is as much a mindset of the times both in occurrence and generational interpretation of the events.

You said it, but may have missed your own point, "not only do Civil War fans or historians have to work to un-learn aspects of the Civil War, they have to spend the necessary time and devotion in order to develop a personal interpretation that does justice to a particular event or figure of that time period." When all is said and done it is your personal interpretation of the event or figure of that time period, not necessarily the correct version nor does it mean that 60 to70 percent of historians got it wrong. It is only your belief based upon your research and a 2009 interpretation of those events.

I hesitate to relate this to religion, but it reminds me of the person that reads the bible and suddenly has a complete understanding of the contents and is willing to share what is certainly the only true thought on any subject relating to religious dogma.

As for Stonewall, I think you have an excellent subject and ask what particular point  you are looking to discuss, character, tactics, generalship, reputation?

I personally like his feeling of keeping his movements and plans close to the bone so to speak. His great fortune in my humble opinion, was that he operated in his own backyard so to speak and took advantage of this knowledge and the knowledge the Virginia units originating from the Shennandoah Valley had to offer to his utmost advantage.


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