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 Posted: Thu Apr 9th, 2009 03:07 am
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no man is perfect.period.and if you do your reserch you will learn that most of what you learn in school is in fact incorrect.the south didnot go to war for slavery,most had no slaves.the north didnt want them,they just saw it as a means to aggravate.they dont teach you that lincoln,and his office in general,used illigal means to detain people,orto win the war.but my view stonewall the soldier was perfect.and by that i mean he did as he was told-efficiantly,quickly,and with boldness.he was smart and used his advantages to the utmost and they paid off.he was a brilliant commander.and worked perfect with lee.he was perfect for the south.not perfect as a man.he was unbending,even w/his soldiers at times.he had his way and didnt seek other counsel.he did what he wanted and it cost him his life in the end.not only did he get shot at by his own side,but he caused his pnemonia.infaliable he wasnt,but as a commander he was as close as you can general,you have to be diligent to find any truth to anything.and of course w/anything you will always have your own bias.everyone has thier own interpration on any given subject.take a car accident w/witness staements for an has alot to do with how a person sees things

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