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 Posted: Fri Apr 10th, 2009 02:34 am
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Guess what! Your gun is bigger than my gun. :( I found all the specs at a web site I will link below.

The Fort Taylor 8-inch seige mortar was made at the West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, NY. The Reg # is 49. The inspector is EH. The Foundry number is *254. The year is 1861 and the mortar weighs 945 pounds, much less than yours.

At Fort Taylor the mortar was set up facing Key West and not out to sea. It was there to fend off attack from the city.

These two web sites have detailed information about the sea coast arty on display at Fort Zachary Taylor.  The seond web site has a great picture of the mortar...a baby mortar beside yours. This mortar sits in the sally port of the fort.

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