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 Posted: Fri Apr 17th, 2009 04:19 am
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Mark wrote: Bama, I'm not sure that that simply having more open terrain automatically leads to firing at longer ranges. Remember that the idea of tactics was to engage the enemy with such devastating initial volley that you break their will to stay in the fight. I think that units would not have been able to score enough hits to achieve this psychological volley beyond about 200 yards. That's why even on relatively open battlefields like those you mentioned, firefights still seem to have still taken place between 50-200 yards.

Agreed, but on battlefields that do not offer open spaces, the fight is much much closer...Chickamauga  comes immediately to mind... that was a fight directed by company grade officers and noncoms because field grade officers could not grasp any big picture due to heavy forests...

You may fight close on an open field, but you MUST fight close on a limited vista field

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