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 Posted: Thu Aug 31st, 2006 11:10 pm
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You say robbers and thieves are timeless . OK fine I somewhat agree . But what makes a School teacher from Ohio or a ordinary farmer from MO that hasnt harmed a soul in his life into this coldblooded thirsty ,robbin , bandit? Study What happen here IN MO/KS. during 1856-1865 . I know if I was around then and a opposing force (Union or Confederate) came and burned my house,crops , murdered family members passed orders 10 and 11 kickin my family out of there home or inprisoning them, It just might be enough to provoke me to take action. Look at Quantrills ranks the Number of men that followed him men that just wanted refuge from what was happenin, a way of gathering together for self-survival, not all these men where thieves , they rode under a black flag cause the gov. that controlled where they operated gave them no choice , if you were captured you were shot or hung no captives . So if showing no mercy makes you a bandit guilty as charged i guess, but if you are saying all of his men were in it to kill and make money i would disagree respectivly.


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