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 Posted: Thu Aug 31st, 2006 11:58 pm
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"But what makes a School teacher from Ohio or a ordinary farmer from MO that hasnt harmed a soul in his life..."

Curious how you would know this as fact, since everything I've ever read on him states that hardly anything is known about his early life. Seems you're making an assumption here. It is known that for a time he made his living as a gambler. In the 1800's, making a living as a gambler, I have trouble believing he was quite as pure as you seem to insinuate. But what is known about him is bad enough. True, there was robbing and killing on both sides of the border war, but that doesn't make one wrong and one right... it just makes all of them guilty of being robbers and murderers. And IMO, that's all Quantrill was.

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