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 Posted: Tue May 12th, 2009 01:54 am
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I've always been told, and have been able to easily imagine it as I have stood on LRT looking up Cemetery Ridge toward the town, that if the CSA had been able to get/take over Hazlett's artillery up there, they could pour enfilade fire up the whole Union line--with the exception of Sickles, who was hanging out in the Peach Orchard area. That, as an aside, would have made it really interesting for Sickles, to be cut off from the rest of the Union line.

LRT was truly the "end of the line," to borrow a line from the movie Gettysburg. Big Round Top (or just Round Top, then) was too wooded for Union artillery. So LRT, in the importance of needing to anchor your flank to something, was important to the Federals, besides being an almost impenetrable position. I've climbed--clawed, slipped, slid and sworn loudly--LRT from the front (west), and that was without a weapon, pack or artllery. Not a picnic.

I think that if the Confederates had taken control of the hill, the Sixth Corps in reserve would have pushed them off fairly easily, but in the meantime, not before the CSA did some real damage to the Union line on Cemetery Ridge. And who knows what happens to Sickles?

Some thoughts.


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