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 Posted: Wed May 13th, 2009 02:38 am
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Old North State wrote: This is a question.  Are there folks on this forum who are interested in the history of the women who served in the field during the Civil War?  I haven't noticed any recent comments about them. :)

I really admire these women. My favorites are ones who raised their own companies and led them. I also find women in cavalry and artillery especially interesting. Both of these required extra skills and training...such as swordsmanship skill and being able to ride and shoot on horseback. The demands of being an artillerist would be very tough to master for a woman of those times.  

One woman rose to the rank of major! None went higher as far as is known. I chuckle to myself trying to imgaine that one of the well known generals was actually a woman...most likely one of the shorter and younger ones. Such a thing might be easier to pull off as a quartermaster, for example, rather than an actual field commander.  

The one who captures my imagination the most is Loreta Velasquez, but there are many others such as ones who fulfilled all the rigors of  infantry soldiers and hid the fact that they were pregnant until they gave birth right in camp. That is such a stunning thing. How did they ever manage such a feat?

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