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 Posted: Tue May 19th, 2009 03:05 am
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We are fighting a much smaller battle about a rezoning issue in the twown that is right beside ours. The town council and mayor do not give a hoot about our concerns--that changing the zoning of a convent that never paid a dime of city tax in forty years to a commercial project which will seriously impact our residences and quality of life.

But attending every single town council meeting relevant to this has taught me one thing. Just let a big commerical project pop up and town councils virtually salivate at the prospect of taxes and jobs. Beauty, history, seemliness, peace and quiet, tranquility, green space and environment have absolutely no allure for town councils.

I suspecty that more and more Civil War battlefields will face this challenge as Civil War preservation as a priority pales beside economic issues.

Can Wal*Mart at least landscape their project so as to conceal it from sight as much as possible from visitors to the battlefield?

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