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The general agreed upon line of defense was Cemetery Hill, or rather, the heights beyond the town. That's why Buford set up his defense-in-depth to the west of town and Reynolds' decided to hold the line upon his arrival with his Wing, when he had the authority to withdraw from the fight if the terrain wasn't defendable. Meade's plan was to draw the Army of Northern Virginia to the Pipe Creek Line, so they had a strong defensive position, despite having to constantly move to protect Washington D. C. Reyonds' was aware that he and the AoP needed to stop Lee from moving freely in the North and potentially threatening DC. So a chance to cripple the ANV's ability to support themselves in the North was Reynold's priority.

The men knew the value of the ground, so in the confusion of trying to coordinate two Union Corps against the approaching threat from both the West and the North, it probably made it confusing for him to clearly state it to staff officers, but they all knew. Then unfortunatly Reynolds' was killed.

Therefore, although he may have not cearly stated it, it was definatly well known as the point upon which the army was to converge. I think Reynolds performed admirably and made the right calls. This is just me though. Great discussion!

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