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 Posted: Fri Jun 5th, 2009 06:48 pm
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It does stimulate the mind and scenerios that could have happend. I think Meade and His generals made the right decisions. The first day looked bleak for the Union but that evening was looking better and the Union Army had all the advantages of the High Ground after that. Walking away from that situation would have been a poor decision on the Unions part. Sickles move put the Union in jeopordy on day 2 with heavy losses..Another what  if scenerio if Sickles had stayed put I dont think the Union would have taken the blunt of Longstreets Beating and in fact may have gave Longstreet something to think about on the aggressive attacks. But when the situatuion changed with Sickles move Meade had to think fast and so he did along with Hancock...Day three may not have even taken place had day 2 come to a different conclusion. Its hard to say if Sickles Moved helped the Union army as that is  where the attacks were coming in and Meade had not sured up that flank and Sickles move made him sure it up..So Sickles claims to be the Hero of Gettysburg and in fact got his medals for it...Hmmmm...What if AP Hill wasnt smoking dope somewhere and actually had taken control of his part of the attacks instead of letting them peter out....Hmmmm..What if Ewell actually pressed the attack on Cemetery Hill....


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