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 Posted: Fri Jun 12th, 2009 07:13 pm
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There's some speculation as to whether the 13" in Hartford this is the actual Dictator, or a similar weapon. The Dictator, and other 13" seacoasts were indeed manned by members of the CT Heavy Artillery, among other units, and members of that unit were instrumental in securing a 13" for this display, but the wherabouts of the exact piece of ordinance that was known as the Dictator remains a mystery.
If you'd like to see another 13" mortar, check out Ft Moultre on Sullivans Island SC, part of the seaboard defensive ring around Charleston. They have a very nice collection of gun tubes, some of which are quite rare. The 13" in in pretty good shape, but the bed could use some restoration!!
I'd love to see one of these things fired!! It must be spectacular!!


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