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 Posted: Sat Jun 13th, 2009 04:10 am
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This request is probably asking the impossible but on the off chance ...

In the mid 1950's I saw a black and white film supposedly based on a true incident. It was set in a desert area and opened with a car stopping by an historical marker at the side of one the US highways. The marker records the last stand of a small confederate cavalry detachment in the hills that can be seen in the distance. The film then went on to tell the story behind the historical marker.

From what I can vaguely remember the detachment was captured by or associated with a Union force, civilians were involved, the indians were hostile. In the end the confederate detachment drew off a force of pursuing Indians and ended up in a blind canyon. There they fought to the death, thus allowing the Union force and civilians to escape. Very probably this wasn't the real story behind the historical marker.

I have been trying to track down the name of the film in order to ascertain whether the story was in fact true and to try and find out where and what occurred behind the historical marker, but with no success.

As a last desperate effort I wonder if anyone on this forum may have seen the film (mid 1950's), knows of the action itself, which is what I am seeking to find out or is it another furphy put out by Hollywood?


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