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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 01:01 pm
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I saw there was a Franklin thread, so I figured I'd post here.  I have been writing out a multi-part blog entry on Eric Jacobson's Spring Hill and Franklin book for Cause and For Country and in the latest entry concerning the Battle of Franklin I decided to do a lengthy comparison and contrast using Eric  and Wiley Sword, author of The Confederacy's Last Hurrah.  After summarizing Jacobson's account of the battle, you'll see 14 key controversies and questions I came up with to take a closer look at.  These questions are (and their answers are in the blog entry due to length concerns):

1. Why didn't Hood order up Lee's Corps and the artillery sooner?  Did Lee's absence affect the eventual outcome?

2. Was a flanking move  by Forrest (instead of a frontal attack) likely to succeed or even possible?

3. Did an angry John Bell Hood "punish" Cheatham, Cleburne, and their men for their supposed failings when attacking breastworks?

4. If he didn't punish his men, why DID Hood attack?

5. Why did Wagner decide to stay in an advanced position despite overwhelming odds?

6. Why did the Carter family remain in their house on the front lines?

7. Who broke first, Conrad or Lane?

8. Cockrell's Brigade or Sears': Who attacked first in French's Division?

9. Featherston's Brigade took massive casualties in a railroad cut from enfilading artillery fire.  Was there any way to avoid this?

10. How do both authors describe the death of Cleburne?

11. Opdycke suggested after the war that he beat CONFEDERATE soldiers over the head with a pistol, rather than just his own Union stragglers.  Was he telling the truth?

12. David Stanley received a painful wound across the back of his neck during the fight.  First, did Jacob Cox suggest that Stanley leave the field to get his wound dressed?  Second, did Stanley really leave the field?  Third, did Stanley deserve a Medal of Honor for his role in the Battle of Franklin?

13. John Adams and his brigade were being slaughtered as they attempted to cross the Osage orange barrier.  Adams suddenly spurred his horse to the left, finding an opening in the trees.  As he galloped toward the Union line both he and his horse were shot.  Where did Adams and his horse fall?  Within or without the Union lines?

14. Patrick Dowling, inspector general of Moore's Brigade, gathered together available units including the 101st Ohio to save the 111th Ohio's left flank.  How crucial was this move to the final outcome of the battle?

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts both here and in my blog comments!  At the very least, I'm hoping to get a good discussion going.

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