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 Posted: Tue Jul 7th, 2009 11:19 pm
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Well, just back from Shiloh. Figured today was a good day to go as temps were in the high 80's and I had to escape the TV coverage of some King or President or Messiah or something who died.

Treked Lew Wallace's exact route thanks to the Blue & Gray mentioned by Calcav above. Couldn't get near Stuart's brigade area as that part of the park was closed for repair. Spent a lot of time tromping the woods between Rhea and Shea and Fraley's field. Then followed Cleburne's attack - something I highly suggest all visitors do. It was eye-opening if just for the terrain these poor men were fighting through. Walked the lemgth of the Sunken Road (again) and by that time we were tuckered out. Ate at Hagy's (of course) and then home. A great day, and I've had my battlefield fix for a bit.

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