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 Posted: Wed Jul 8th, 2009 04:59 pm
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I'm excited to announce that we have now installed the new integrated Photo Gallery! That means that each and every one of you can start your own photo gallery to share with all other members. For a board like ours, full of battlefield trompers and picture-takers, this is a great addition. Using it is easy, just follow the steps below:

1) Click the word "Menu" that's at the top of each page. There you'll see two options that weren't there before - "View Photos" and "Upload photos".

To start your gallery (or add to it) ckick on "Upload photo" and you'll see the below screen. Click browse, and browse to wherever on your computer that you keep your photos. Double click on the photo you want to add (or highlight and click open). Be sure to click the "Upload" button when you're done.

You're gallery will look like the pic below. You can set the number of thumbnails that show on each page using the drop-down. Clicking on any photo will ope a larger version.

To view photos of other members just click "View Photos" in Step 1, then click on the first letter of their username. If there's more than one gallery started by a people with usernames starting with the same letter, simply click the username you want to view.

Note that when you upload photos, there is a field for captioning it. We suggest you caption all photos. We are told that an update will be released soon that allows tagging and also have a description field for longer explanations of your photos


This can be used for any photos you wish to share - Civil War related, family, garden, etc. Only two exceptions - No Porn and No Politics

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