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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 09:01 pm
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Steven Cone wrote: 1. Why didn't Hood order up Lee's Corps and the artillery sooner?  Did Lee's absence affect the eventual outcome?

Pherhaps he thought they werent needed.. Hood Did have artillery with  him.. And they were used .

Hood had only several batteries with him, a far cry from the number of units accoompanying Lee.


3. Did an angry John Bell Hood "punish" Cheatham, Cleburne, and their men for their supposed failings when attacking breastworks?
4. If he didn't punish his men, why DID Hood attack?
I think  he though it was last chance to catch  before nashville

5. Why did Wagner decide to stay in an advanced position despite overwhelming odds?
It would be  ones duty as Soldier to obey orders.  And thats what he did
Cox ordered him to return to the main Union line at least twice, so when he stayed he wasn't obeying his latest orders.
6. Why did the Carter family remain in their house on the front lines?

They were told that more than likely there would be no battle ..  

& when the bullets started flying it was to late to get out of the way..

9. Featherston's Brigade took massive casualties in a railroad cut from enfilading artillery fire.  Was there any way to avoid this?

Not knowing the area  and the lack  time caused this.

11. Opdycke suggested after the war that he beat CONFEDERATE soldiers over the head with a pistol, rather than just his own Union stragglers.  Was he telling the truth?

I would say so..
You would more than likely be wrong, at least according to Eric Jacobson's book.
13. John Adams and his brigade were being slaughtered as they attempted to cross the Osage orange barrier.  Adams suddenly spurred his horse to the left, finding an opening in the trees.  As he galloped toward the Union line both he and his horse were shot.  Where did Adams and his horse fall?  Within or without the Union lines?
It was on top of the works
Again, according to Jacobson and Jack Casement, the Union Brigade commander there, the horse fell on the works, but Adams fell outside some distance away.

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