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 Posted: Sat Jul 25th, 2009 06:05 am
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This is probably too late for your report, but I'll post it anyway...

"Some of us visited the Wilderness battle-ground and saw there the same sad scenes. The commingled bones of horse and rider, all the possessions of the soldiers, from the envelope with its faint address in a woman's hand, to the broken gun, lie scattered over the ground. Knapsacks, placed together by companies before they made a charge, and for which the owners never returned, remain in decaying heaps. 'Tis a gloomy sepulchre, where the trees, in tenderly covering with leaves the remains of the patriots, alone perform the last sad offices. The wind moans through the pines, tears fall at home for them, but they sleep on, unconscious of a weepeing nation.

An old gray-haired man leaned upon his hoe-handle, trying to quiet his trembling head, as he said, "Ah, sir there are thousands of both sides lying unburied in the Wilderness." 

- by one of Sherman's officers

From On Many A Bloody Field by Alan Gaff, page 420.

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