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 Posted: Tue Aug 11th, 2009 08:47 am
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For years all I read of history was English history up to the time of Elizabeth I.  I especially enjoyed the time of the Plantagenets.  Shelves of books on the War of the Roses, Maud and Stephen etc.  Also books on Elizabeth and her times. 

Have always liked the frontier times in American history.  Another whole section of the bookcases are books on Lewis and Clark, the Mountain Men and The Oregon Trail.  Add to that Cowboys and Indians (the real thing). 

I also have a passion for two other periods of history.  Both these come about because of literature.  The first was Americans in Paris in the 20's Hemingway and Fitzgerld .  The other was the Dust Bowl the Depression and the Migrant Farm workers (Okies) who came to California.  I wrote my senior thesis in history on Labor camps in California 1932-34.  My freshman year I wrote a paper on Grapes of Wrath and one on Mirgrant Okies in California. So that has always been an interest.

Greek and Roman history interest me and I have read some but not a whole lot.  One of my favorite books is from that period though.  The Jurguthan Wars. 

I too like Javal would be interested in learning more about the Mexican War and War of 1912.   Add to that more on Colonial and Revolutionary America. Oh dear too many subjects and never enough time.


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