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 Posted: Mon Aug 17th, 2009 03:10 pm
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I commissioned through Army ROTC at James Madision Univserity in 2005.  I think my favorite ROTC story involved a field problem at Warrior Forge 2004 (LDAC, Camp, BOLC 2 I'm not sure what they call it now).  In any case, we were on a squad level movement to contact mission at Fort Lewis, WA and were engaged by one sniper.  The squad leader completely lost it and proceeded to hide behind a log.  The only instructions we could get out of him for the next twenty minutes was him screaming "Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow!!"  I guess he had been watching a little too much of We Were Soldiers.  By the time the O/C finally ended the excerise, that sniper killed all but two of us while the squad leader hid behind a log and cried.  Hopefully he never got commissioned...  Cheers!

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