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 Posted: Mon Aug 24th, 2009 03:58 pm
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You all make some very fine points. But I would like to add that if you removed all the NFL players that don't live up to yours (and my) high moral values or your requirement that they be good role models for your children, you will be looking at some very watered down NFL rosters. When this came down, Clinton Portis of the Redskins said (and I can only paraphrase) that he couldn't understand what the big deal was. These are only dogs. He was promptly advised to shut up, and to his credit, he did. There are a lot of players with questionable values. And like it or not, yes the Eagles placed winning games with questionable characters above fielding a team of choir boys. But the NFL, from top to bottom, is about winning games, not providing our kids with heroes. I'll accept that job as a parent to point my kids, and the kids I coach, in that direction. If the Eagles have a winning season and Vick helps win some of the games, believe me, all will be forgiven in Philly.

As far as being accepted back into the NFL - why not? If Vick was a carpenter and convicted, did his time and then released, would you place a stipulation that he would not be allowed to be a carpenter anymore? He can fall back into hanging out with shady characters no matter his chosen profession.

Like I said earlier (and I think Pam almost echoed), I'm going to give the guy a second chance. Hopefully his advisor, Tony Dungy (a very respected man and football man), can help turn this horrible negative into a positive. If not, I'll fall in line with the rest of you. Until then, I will watch and see what happens.

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