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 Posted: Tue Sep 1st, 2009 12:04 pm
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Here's a thought....

General wisdom tells us that WWI laid the seeds for WWII and the other ill of the 20th century. Many believe Pres. Wilson ended the war to soon and this is that stone left unturned the leads to all the other ills from WWI.

The Germans never accepted the fact they lost the war for the German army was still in France when the armistice was signed. In the 1920's Hitler use this one little fact to stir up Nationalism and blame the left for Germany's losing the war. He rode this fact into being a Chancellor and to discredit any opposition from the left.

It is said it would have taken One Million American lives not counting the French or British lives to push the German army all the way back to Berlin and total defeat.

If the Germans would have experienced total defeat their would have been no Hitler and Germany would not have been the catalyst of WWII. They would have been humble by their defeat just as the Confederacy was and as Japan and Germany were from WWII.

The question is: Should America have lost One million lives and pushed Germany into total defeat and avoid the ills form WWI?

Knowing the history of the 20th century would you have order our army forward or taken the Armistice?

Up to the challenge.....

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