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 Posted: Wed Sep 9th, 2009 07:44 am
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Kay's Kentucky Fried Chicken:

One food note of caution that I hope everyone knows regardless:

I have always cooked on a gas stove and have never used a meat thermometer, having gone by time and weight.

I stated here that chicken should be browned on medium heat--that means medium to high. In other words, you have to cook chicken over 165 degrees I think (check via the internet; beef is about 180?) to kill salmonella. So you have to cook it at a high enough temperature to heat the whole piece that high. In other words, cooking it on low heat for a long time is not good enough--the temperature of the piece must reach about 170 for a period of time to be safe. As I said, after you've cooked on high for a period, then you can change to low to soften the meat and release the juices.

So use what measures you have found to be safe. Me, I've never gotten ill on my own food.


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